Brandon Plank
minimal techno / techhouse / techno

Originally from Chicago, Brandon got an early start in the house & techno scene. In 1995, he moved to California from and became one of Northern California’s favorites in the underground community by playing various clubs and one offs.
In 1999, Brandon relocated to Denver, where he played at some of Colorado’s largest events, for Together, BASIC, Triad Dragons, Soma, Club Pure, Roofless and various other crews. While there, he played all across the country, from
NYC to Chicago to South Dakota to Seattle, with some stops in Canada too.
In early 2002, Brandon moved to Seattle, where he started up the Depth Recordings label with his partner Eric.B. Brandon oversees most aspects, including management of the label and aquiring new talent. Currently, he’s working on releases for Depth and other labels like NightLight Music, but you can catch him at one-offs and clubs across the country.

Eric Bernal aka Eric.B
minimal techno / techhouse

“I have experienced many aspects of the Industry. From promotions and productions for parties, clubs, retail events and restaurants, To lugging sound gear and doing sound for major events, I have done it all. I also spent 2 years as the General Manager of an after hours club called the DJ Café’. I came into the production aspect of House Music after meeting the Cavender brothers. They showed me the ropes and gave me what I needed to get started in my quest to export my emotions into an audio format.” Soon after, Eric co-produced “Dirty Sex” the first release on San Francisco’s Lo-Rise Recordings with Seafoam. The rest is history. These days I find myself barricaded inside studios, playing records or hanging out with family and friends.

Håkan Lidbo
techhouse / minimal / techno

Hakan has released more than 200 records on labels like Fragile, Shitkatapult, Mille Plateaux, Force-Trax, Moody, Pokerflat, Tommy Boy, Ministry of Sound, Paper, Loaded and many others. He has remixed and produced artists like Fatboy Slim, Kool Keith, Si Begg, Yello, T. Raumschmiere, Apparat and many others. Stylewise, Hakan’s music stretches from minimal obscurities to straight up electro-pop and he runs Container Recordings and Publishing in his hometown of Stockholm. He hosts “Strom” – the main show on national swedish radio about electronic music and is also involved the “Voltfestivalen”, Sweden’s new electronic music festival.

Jason Blakemore
house / breaks / techno

Jason Blakemore is one of the original Los Angeles house/rave DJs. He has graced the stage at almost every major festival in the Southern California area. He has played at Coachella, EDC, Jujubeats, Nocturnal and Fresh. His name and skills are known all over the U.S. and internationally.

Jason has run three record labels: Bassex, Life Music and currently Fiveleg. Blakemore has been part of music projects with Markus Schulz, The Chemical Brothers, Garth, Wally Callerio and 6blocc. He produced the hit songs “PURE”, “Suspicion” and many others. He is a down to earth person and an amazing live performer; his quick mixing skills have captivated fans for more than two decades. Slicing and splicing records back and forth, he is the true definition of an old school DJ still insisting on taking the crowd on a journey with every set.

Quick Facts: From Los Angeles, United States. Plays mostly progressive house and tech house. Began performing in 1992. Used the name DJ Trance from 1992-1996.

Alland Byallo
microhouse / techhouse / glitch

A Los Angeles native now residing in San Francisco, Russian-blooded Alland Byallo has broken into the House scene with his own unique blend of deep tech funk.
Alland’s taste, coupled with his research and digging, always instills an undeniable groove and tickles the chin-scratching trainspotting senses.Alland’s involvement with music didn’t just start from plurging and buying some 1200’s. Having been raised with music since the age of 5 playing piano, and adding trumpet at age 11, it only seemed natural for Alland to follow up his skills and training by sharing his taste in quality music with people as a DJ, and pursuing production. Lately, Alland has been quite busy in the studio working hard on his own unique take on House music.

The Missing Link aka Matt Cavender
minimal techno / techhouse / glitch

In 2000 The Missing Link was an integral part in the formation of the Denver collective Mile High House productions, but it wasn’t until 2001 that he had enough material for a rough, glitchy, techy, breaky album that was put into an
unreleased demo entitled “Enter the Brow”. The Link and his brother Ilk went on a mini CA tour to showcase their skills with a rough live PA. The bug was set, and The Link wanted more of the live on stage experience.

deephouse / techhouse / techno

Keeping it deep, abstract & soulful since circa ’95, and originally based out of Buffalo, NY, Zuko has performed along side many poets and jazz Musicians, most notably Gregory Davis(the son of the great Miles Davis). Receiving domestic and international sponsorships from Nation Records and Six Degrees Records, Zuko shares his unique and elegant sounds with the global EDM community. Currently residing in Northern California, he focuses his efforts on production and remixing, with releases on various record labels, such as Communique Records, Festival Lounge Records, Snake Beat Records and now, Depth Recordings.