Zuko feat. Saturna - Crown Upon Me EP

Zuko feat. Saturna – Crown Upon Me EP


  1. Crown Upon Me (Deep Tech Version)
  2. Crown Upon Me (Ocean Wave Version)
  3. Somber Flight

Release nfo:

Back from far too long of a hiatus, we bring you an amazing new artist from the Left Coast: Zuko. The title track has 2 mixes, both introducing and up-and-coming vocal talent who recently did work with Atjazz: Saturna.  The ‘Ocean Wave Version’ is a stripped-down, deep excursion into the vibe that has a Plastic City/Timewriter feel and in the ‘Deep Tech Version’, we get a funkier, more Philly style of house that’s sure to cater to the fans of Kevin Yost and i! Records.  ‘Somber Flight’ is nearly 10 minutes of tech house in a classical, sweeping chord and broken beat sound we knew and loved from labels like Immigrant in the early 2000′s.