Depth Recordings

The Missing Link – Combustible
Our old friend, The Missing Link, returns and joins up with newcomer Chad Sommer to give us another minimal techno gem: Combustable. As you’ve come to expect from Link, his track is filled with glitched-out percussion, eerie synths and a chuggin’ groove. From Chicago and new to our camp, Chad Sommer gives the track a progressive house workover that we think you’re going to quite enjoy. Lastly, Chad’s original work NaNaNaNa gives the release a little Chi-Town flare.
Various Artists – 10 Years EP
To celebrate our decade of free, unique music, we have this special release with 3 of our artists. Zuko gives us a deep and moving house number, which we have come to expect from this house veteran. Brandon gives us a tech house romper that samples a well-known 90’s speed garage tune, and finally, we got our buddy F Stop (Matt Fiveson) to give us a minimal techno offering that is no less than aural perfection for a minimal head. Here’s to 10 more years!
Eric.B – Torn Deep
Back from a long stint in house music rehab, Eric.B brings us a new track, which we turned into a wicked 4 tracker. We got another killer remix from Zuko, which will fill any set/mix with the vibes you need. From Denver, ben A gives us a heady, bass-heavy number and Slow Moe gives us a wicked pitched-down remix with a sample you’re sure to remember.
Indi-K – d’Aubergine
From France and a relatively new face on the scene, Indi-K brings us a romper of a tech house tune with a throwback feel to mid-90’s house music in the San Francisco rave scene. Accompanied by a haunting vocal from Panu Moon that speaks of a voodoo priestess in the south, we think you’ll find this track to be as heady as it is dancefloor-friendly. Plank gives us a remix a la his usual style, with a different take on the vocals.
RuLo – Everything Is On The Mind EP
From Uruguay, we bring you a great new talent that’s already made a name for himself in his home country. With appearances on the ghrk and Kreativa netlabels, we’re happy to have his luscious sounds in a Depth release. His sound can best be described as Detroit techno and house with Chicago funk mixed in, with the occasional dub techno elements.
Zuko – Crown Upon Me EP
Back from far too long of a hiatus, we bring you an amazing new artist from the Left Coast: Zuko. The title track has 2 mixes; the ‘Ocean Wave Version’ is a stripped-down, deep excursion into the vibe with amazing vocal work from Zuk’s friend, Saturna. In the ‘Deep Tech Version’, we get a funkier, more Philly style of house that’s sure to cater to the fans of Kevin Yost and i! Records. ‘Somber Flight’ is nearly 10 minutes of tech house in a classical, sweeping chord and broken beat sound we knew and loved from labels like Immigrant in the early 2000′s.
Ze German – White Label Techno
Hey everyone! It’s been a while, but we think you’ll find the wait worthwhile. We have a new 4 tracker for ya from someone only known to us as ‘Ze German’. We don’t know much about the lad, but we know he likes drummy techno and has a penchant for bootlegs. So enjoy some techno that isn’t ‘minimal’ or borderline trance and share the love with those you know who enjoy this stuff like we do.
Håkan Lidbo ‎– Atombomb EP
This is an exciting release; we have Håkan Lidbo giving us 3 amazingly deep, dubby tracks and one one of this signature glitchy futuristic sound. If you don’t know who Håkan is, he’s got more than 200 releases on numerous labels in the past decade. His style is unique and we’re glad to be able to share this release with you!
Brandon Plank vs. The House Master Boyz ‎– House Nation 2009
A remake on a classic, we not only get a killer original mix from Brandon, but an all-star cast of remixers: Woody McBride, Brandon Bass and Loudon Kleer.
Brandon Plank – Foundations
New one from Brandon
Jason Blakemore ‎– What Music Is EP
If you remember DJ Trance from the 90s, then you know why we’re excited to have a release by this rave icon! This release is a departure from his trance releases in the 90s, but we think it’s even better.
Eric-B – Conspiracy EP
A new one from Eric
Brandon Plank – Deepovers EP
A new one from Brandon
The Missing Link – Frankenbrow E.P.
A new one from ML
Alland Byallo – Benadryl Brownie EP
A new one from Alland
Brandon Plank & Eric.B – Introductions EP
Our first release!