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  • The Missing Link – Combustible

    Our old friend, The Missing Link, returns and joins up with newcomer Chad Sommer to give us another minimal techno gem: Combustable. As you’ve come to expect from Link, his track is filled with glitched-out percussion, eerie synths and a chuggin’ groove. From Chicago and new to our camp, Chad Sommer gives the track a progressive house workover that we think you’re going to quite enjoy. Lastly, Chad’s original work NaNaNaNa gives the release a little Chi-Town flare.

  • Various Artists – 10 Years EP

    To celebrate our decade of free, unique music, we have this special release with 3 of our artists. Zuko gives us a deep and moving house number, which we have come to expect from this house veteran. Brandon gives us a tech house romper that samples a well-known 90’s speed garage tune, and finally, we got our buddy F Stop (Matt Fiveson) to give us a minimal techno offering that is no less than aural perfection for a minimal head. Here’s to 10 more years!

  • Eric.B – Torn Deep

    Back from a long stint in house music rehab, Eric.B brings us a new track, which we turned into a wicked 4 tracker. We got another killer remix from Zuko, which will fill any set/mix with the vibes you need. From Denver, ben A gives us a heady, bass-heavy number and Slow Moe gives us a wicked pitched-down remix with a sample you’re sure to remember.

  • Indi-K – d’Aubergine

    From France and a relatively new face on the scene, Indi-K brings us a romper of a tech house tune with a throwback feel to mid-90’s house music in the San Francisco rave scene. Accompanied by a haunting vocal from Panu Moon that speaks of a voodoo priestess in the south, we think you’ll find this track to be as heady as it is dancefloor-friendly. Plank gives us a remix a la his usual style, with a different take on the vocals.

  • Zuko – Crown Upon Me EP

    Back from far too long of a hiatus, we bring you an amazing new artist from the Left Coast: Zuko. The title track has 2 mixes; the ‘Ocean Wave Version’ is a stripped-down, deep excursion into the vibe with amazing vocal work from Zuk’s friend, Saturna. In the ‘Deep Tech Version’, we get a funkier, more Philly style of house that’s sure to cater to the fans of Kevin Yost and i! Records. ‘Somber Flight’ is nearly 10 minutes of tech house in a classical, sweeping chord and broken beat sound we knew and loved from labels like Immigrant in the early 2000′s.

  • Brandon Plank – Foundations

    New one from Brandon

  • Jason Blakemore ‎– What Music Is EP

    If you remember DJ Trance from the 90s, then you know why we’re excited to have a release by this rave icon! This release is a departure from his trance releases in the 90s, but we think it’s even better.

  • Alland Byallo – Benadryl Brownie EP

    A new one from Alland

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